Listen To Sash’s Latest Single “Days And Days” Off His Latest EP ‘Black Caviar.’

July 21, 2016

By Adedapo Adegboyega


Known for his party-ready bangers and wild lifestyle, burgeoning Bay Area rapper SASH dials back the energy for some introspection on standout new single “Days and Days,” as featured on his new project, Black Caviar.


This contemplative track actually closes out Black Caviar, an EP otherwise bursting with anthems for those living the high life (pun intended). It’s a fitting conclusion for the young artist, who deserves a moment to kick back and think about where he’s come from (his family moved to the States from the Ukraine) and where he’s headed.


“‘Days and Days’ is me kind of taking a step back and thinking about some of the wildness that my close friends and I have been through—girls, drugs, making ends meet,” SASH says of the melodic joint produced by Traxxfdr. “The fact that I’m still even alive makes me appreciate everything I have and all the opportunities I’ve been given.”


This all being said, don’t expect SASH to stop producing his signature, more hedonistic material moving forward. He explains that while he appreciates evaluating his life and being conscious, he doesn’t see his lifestyle slowing down at all in the near future.


“Days and Days”—and the entirety of Black Caviar —is out now available through all major digital retailers and streaming services.